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Welcome to the regulated financial adviser website of Solent Associates. Here you will find more information on specific areas that may interest you, You already know who we are so please take a look at what we do and how we can add value to your financial planning and home purchase.

You would be amazed at what we do, for example; did you know that we write Wills at a fraction of the cost of a solicitor. Ask us for a quote?

Our business provides specialist advice to you on financial matters to include pension planning (boring eh?), protection through life assurance (a necessary evil), buying somewhere to live (bit more exciting) and almost any other area of financial planning.

You go through your life in stages and your needs differ as you progress - we understand how that works and can offer the benefit of hindsight - well nearly.

Oh yes, remember the specialist advice bit? Well that comes from a specialist adviser - we all have our little areas of expertise so you will not get a "jack of all trades" here. Speak direct to sombody that is qualified in the field and advising daily in what you need to know about.

Whilst you are thinking about using our service try a quick exercise to see if we can save you some money on one of the most overpaid monthly bills...your home insurance. If you cannot save money on the web site quotation we guarantee to price match your home and contents insurance; just call on 0844 499 0799 and speak directly to David Winsall, the senior partner who is confident that our Price Match can beat ALL competition for like for like Home Insurance.

For mortgage protection please click below or call us on 0844 499 0799